Environmental Policy


Our commitment is to continuously improve our environmental performance and make sustainable contributions to our operations and society.


RUZGAR CRANE bases its activities on the life cycle, circular economy, sustainable development and continuous improvement principles.  


  • Complying with all legal requirements related to occupational health and safety (ohs) and environmental issues and improving them by making them a part of the company culture.
  • Taking all preventive measures by identifying the dangers related to ohs in the organization with a systematic approach before the accident and occupational diseases occur.
  • Raising the awareness of our employees on creating a healthy and safe working environment is our primary goal and organizing the necessary training activities within this cntext.
  • Presenting our customer energy solutions in the most beneficial and environmentally conscious manner,
  • Developing environment friendly products and services.
  • Providing unconditional and willing compliance with environmental and ohs regulations.
  • Spreading its environment friendly perspective by raising the awareness about the environment with employees and customers,
  • Considering environmental impacts strictly in all our business processes related to our subject,
  • Ensuring that works are carried out to prevent any kind of environmental pollution that may occur in our works,
  • Ensuring that all our departments consider environmental and ohs factors in their operations,
  • Reducing and eliminating waste with minimal impact on the environment,
  • Carrying out works to protect our natural resources such as energy and water,
  • Ensuring that the recycling policy based on activities are carried out,
  • Provıdıng a detailed questioning of the environmental impact of the products supplied with our environmentally friendly working system.
  • Ensurıng continuous development by following the osh and environmental management systems.

Ruzgar Crane undertakes to keep its promises on the topics of Environment and OHS in all its working processes and in each section.